Friday, September 30, 2005

Dear all,

I came across an graphics automation technique for automating graphical tasks on windows or linux boxes. This is accomplished using perl scripting. The only necessity is the inclusion of certain modules which have been given as a single unit in a package called Win32GuiTest.This can be downloaded at

Several different operations can be done using this module. Like, handling windows clipboard ( copy, paste etc ), mouse movement, mouse placement, mouse clicks, keypress event addressing, keyboard automation etc. The package itself includes several examples. An ordinary example would go like this:


use Win32::GuiTest;

system("start ");

Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("The keys u want to send must be typed here\n");

Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("you can also send {ALT}+{F4} to close the window");

Certain clipboard operations can also be done in the following ways:

$w = GetDesktopWindow unless $w;

$ds = new Win32::GuiTest::DibSect;


$ds->CopyClient(GetDesktopWindow(), \@{[GetWindowRect($w)]});


$ds->CopyClient(GetDesktopWindow(), \@{[GetWindowRect($w)]});





Several other things like copying screenshots to clipboard, pasting them to bmps etc can be done.Automation of different window ( GUI ) operations is the main feature of this scripting method.

Several other programs are given at the website itself, which could be used to perform a vast variety of operations.


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